Our Services

Investor Relations (public and private companies)

  • Investment banking collaboration/coordination and capital markets counsel, including access to debt markets and managing debt investors
  • Investor targeting and marketing
  • Corporate messaging
  • Spokesperson training
  • Investor relations program creation, including hiring, training, budgeting, vendor relationship development and management
  • Investor presentations
  • Investor relations strategic planning
  • Disclosure policy creation and in-house training on Regulation Fair Disclosure and associated SEC rules
  • Capital deployment / M&A advisory
  • Shareholder activism preparedness (Board-level plans, tabletops and drill execution)
  • Investor meetings, including global road show planning
  • Earnings preparation, messaging and materials
  • Assistance with SEC filing preparation and creation

Environmental-Social-Governance (ESG)

  • Management training regarding business case, investor-sensitivity analysis to assess shareholder profile risk, and investor trends focused on ESG issues (C-suite and Board level)
  • Creation / management of an in-house cross-functional committee, to serve as overseer and advance corporate initiatives
  • Creation / management of audit control framework, including reporting structure and presentations to Board Committees, associated with Enterprise Risk Management assessments
  • Advise on Social and Governance initiatives; access to thought leaders in Environmental sphere for specific expertise
  • Completion of investor-, customer-, and supplier-driven surveys, working with internal teams

Corporate Governance

  • Trusted, strategic advisor to C-Suite and Board, well-known within the governance community
  • Work closely with in-house and external counsel, as well as investment bankers to translate shareholder perception into identifiable and actionable areas for improvement
  • Creation of shareholder activist preparedness plans
  • Tabletop presentations and “drill” execution with C-suite and Boards
  • Quarterly / monthly Board reporting

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