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Curley Global IR, LLC (CGIR) and its partners offer Investor Relations (IR) program development and implementation, IR counsel and Environmental Social Governance (ESG) consulting, and Governance Engagement advice and program implementation. CGIR ensures that the right frameworks are in place, and clients are targeting the right audiences while assessing and balancing risk. Our results speak for themselves!
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Investor Relations

Investor relations program creation including hiring, training, budgeting, vendor relationship development and management, corporate messaging.
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Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

ESG program creation; ESG program implementation; ESG reporting in adherence with regulatory and voluntary ESG reporting frameworks; Board and Executive ESG education; ESG risk and opportunities assessment assistance

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Corporate Governance

Strategic advice to C-Suite and Board; activist preparedness plans; tabletop presentations/”drill” execution; quarterly/monthly Board reporting.

Experience that Speaks for Itself

We work collaboratively, applying our more than 30 years of experience so that our clients have a distinct competitive advantage in today’s complex equity and debt markets.

“It is a rare thing in business to find a team that has the expertise needed to address your needs, the humility to do so in a way that helps your business as much as it does theirs, and the work ethic to deliver with both pace and excellence. Curley Global IR is this kind of team. I highly recommend their services, approach and insights.”

— Large, global organization and current CGIR, LLC client

Frequently named a top IR Officer in her industry by Institutional Investor Magazine, our founder and CEO understands the spectrum of challenges facing corporate clients. As a result, CGIR’s unique approach encompasses IR, ESG and Corporate Governance outreach. We combine decades of experience with a reputation for honesty and a best-in-class approach. This combination – particularly incorporating the increasingly investor-driven ESG aspect – means that we are relentlessly focused on ensuring our clients have the programs and knowledge to implement beyond our consulting engagement.

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Please contact Curley Global IR today. Whether you prefer to work with us on a retainer or project-driven basis, we would be happy to discuss your needs to see if CGIR is the right fit.

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