Case Studies

Public Company: An IR Check-up or Overhaul?

The situation: A technology company that had been public for some time through several leadership transitions, had a stagnant stock price after it declined significantly post-IPO. The company had virtually no sell-side coverage and few institutional investors. The new executive team asked CGIR to re-evaluate IR-related processes and procedures, update messaging for transparency and accuracy, conduct speaker training and create a formal IR program.

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Creating an ESG Infrastructure – Public Company

The situation: While the company had an Environmental, Health & Safety group, it didn’t have an ESG plan, Committee or dedicated role to oversee efforts more broadly. Internal constituents were addressing investor, customer and supplier requests on an ad-hoc basis with no coordination, creating the potential for inaccurate representations to the various audiences. This, in turn, could have affected the company’s credibility and created lost business opportunities.

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Creating an RI Infrastructure for a global asset manager

The situation: A large, global asset manager sought to develop and implement a Responsible Investment (RI) approach firmwide. Previously the firm had implemented ESG tools into its investment analysis on an ad-hoc basis, based on client request. The firm’s ultimate goal was to become a United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI) signatory, but it didn’t have an existing, formalized infrastructure or reporting framework to do so. The lack of an integrated, formalized approach could have affected the firm’s ability to retain existing and attract new clients, jeopardizing its credibility and creating additional risks as a fiduciary.

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Case Study: The Activist Tabletop Drill

The situation: The Board of Directors wanted to ensure a company with no prior history of shareholder activism: 1) kept current on trends, 2) had a robust response plan in place, and 3) had prepared its senior management for various scenarios.

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What clients are saying about us

“Sally and her team did a great job in blitzing the investor community. I like the way we also hit a lot of analysts right on earnings day. I think [her] approach is being reflected in the positive movement in our price.”

Chairman and CEO, Fortune 500 company

"Sally is a consummate professional with deep IR, ESG and governance expertise, particularly in the healthcare field. She is financially astute and has provided us with excellent counsel during some difficult moments."

CFO, Fortune 500 company

“Congratulations on a great investor day. You handled the entire process with grace. We are lucky to have you on our team. Thanks for all your work on the process.”

C-suite executive, Fortune 500 company

“I’ve worked with Sally for more than 10 years and across multiple healthcare sectors. She is among the top IR professionals in the business. It’s not just that she has a thorough understanding of what investors need to know and how to communicate it clearly and effectively – she certainly does. Sally grasps the critical aspects of the dynamic healthcare landscape from her service on the executive team.”

Senior Healthcare Analyst

Top-Tier Investment Institution

“I think the IR role is literally worth 1 to 2 multiple points to a stock, and for all the terrific run the stock has had this year, I think you can directly connect the dots to your IR program. Congratulations!”

Managing Director

Large Hedge Fund

“I found the meeting very helpful and was particularly impressed with Sally. I commended her for being one of the best IR people I’ve met with. Sally did a great job explaining [company]’s strategy and why it is so valuable. I liked the fact that Sally had an SRI [Socially Responsible Investing or ESG] angle.”

Portfolio Manager, U.S. Equities

Netherlands-based Investment Institution

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